Long Island

Life goes on in New York City, and the second month has already started. After going to New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens, mission seemed to be completed, however, it wasn’t until i went to Long Island yesterday to see Aerosmith’s show. Obviously, the purpose i went there is because of Aerosmith, but meanwhile, the amazing scenery of Long Island surprised me.

When the Long Island Rail passed the NYC-Long Island border and entered Nassau county, i couldn’t see any huge concrete anymore, and i felt like i was in Missouri. Everything was so clean and quite out there, considered the time was still very early, so i decided to get off at a random stop to look around.

The place is called Village of Garden City, it is a very small and neat town. Probably it was weekend, there was few people on the street. According to the introduction on the wall, the population of the incorporated village was 22,371. The village is an upper-class, white, conservative, and Roman Catholic community. Many families can trace their heritage to Italian and Irish immigrants who moved to Long Island from New York City.

I met a local there and he told me that Long Island has the best beaches in New York. Fire Island and Robert Moses State Park are the best. Let’s go guys!!

Yang Xiang


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