Dunkin Makes Me Chunky Pumpkin

Regionally, you come across certain food hotspots that are only accessible in certain parts of the country.

Californians rave about In-and-Out Burger.

Chicagoans love Portillo’s.

New Yorkers ❤ Pizza.

Cool. You can binge on certain foods in certain places. However, one business I have fallen in love with is Dunkin Donuts.

Love may be a word that isn’t strong enough. I AM INFATUATED WITH DUNKIN DONUTS. Its coffee is delectable. Its donuts make me smile. Its breakfast sandwiches could bring tears to my eyes. However, I have one hang-up with the double d.

For a company that claims America runs on its product, it shocks me that there are no Dunkin Donuts in Columbia, Missouri. And the more I think of it, donuts don’t seem to be popular in Columbia. I am aware of Dixie Cream donuts, Hy-Vee bakery and the bagged Krispy Kremes you can purchase at Wal-Mart. (please send me tips if you know of a great donut spot in Columbia J)

However, no Dunkin Donuts.

No food-induced smiling.

No tears on my eggs and bacon blanketed by a warm, toasted bagel.

Step it up, COMO. You are making my life SO complicated.

And even worse: Now that I run on Dunkin, I need to do a lot of running.


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