New York City is No Place…

To vacation with family.

Or maybe even live with a family.

My first trip to New York occurred in 2009 with friends in my high school graduating class. As mentioned in previous blog posts, it was that very trip that made me realize I wanted to come back to the Big Apple and work in the city.

So when my parents and sister came to New York to visit me last week, I wanted to give them that same, iconic New York feeling. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I showed them what New York could really be like, as in a hot, sweaty, stench-filled cesspool of obscurities and freak shows.

Arguments were bound to occur, especially with four people, all having strong-independent minds, being of the same blood. Classic family bickering seemed to happen at every planned event.

Subway vs. Taxi = Argument

Moving Forward vs. Taking a Nap = Argument

Reservation vs. Selecting Restaurant at Random = Argument

In a city with limitless opportunities in a four day timespan, I can see why four different people wanted to do four different things. It just made me think about my future in New York.

This city brings a certain quality of life that is stressful, tightly wound and all around hectic. For one person looking to climb the corporate ladder and to become successful, I see no problem in moving to New York.

Predicaments begin when I think of my future in New York. Could I see myself raising a family in this city? Would I want my kids to live an urban lifestyle versus something in the suburbs? How does the city affect your overall outlook on life, especially as an adolescent or young adult?

Just some food for thought on a Thursday.


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