Is there a better place to be in than New York City to celebrate America’s birthday? I think not!

While real New Yorkers generally head out of town for the holiday, we, as in the interns, did not. We enjoyed the heart of the country on the Fourth of July and everything it had to offer.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t have gone to the Hamptons had I had the choice (lets be real, who wouldn’t?), but staying in the city for the 4th was a blast.

Suggestion: hit up the hole-in-the-wall, dive bars located anywhere and everywhere around NYC. Why? Because all the expensive, rooftop bars are even more expensive on the Fourth and who doesn’t love a dive bar anyway?! So that is what we did.

While the others attempted to see the fireworks from the street, I attempted to take a cab to a friend’s house during the fireworks and hoped to be there before the firework display ended. FAIL. I saw maybe two fireworks between the buildings as the cab drove by. Oops. Another suggestion: get as close to the Husdon as possible and get there early if you want to see the firework show. 

All in all, I had a wonderful Fourth of July. There’s no better place to celebrate independence than the city of freedom! (just made that up, but I think it works).


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