Highlights from SoHo (and TriBeCa)

After rambling on about my beautiful week in TriBeCa, I now must ramble on even more about some fun places I visited in SoHo while I was at the TriBeCa Grand. Although TriBeCa is hip and mod, SoHo has an especially fashionable and even European feel. Here are some food and bar highlights from my week in the glam life:

1. Taka Taka, 330 West Broadway, SoHo

Mexican Sushi & Japanese Tacos, what? Have you ever dreamed of having sushi topped with fresh mango instead of sashimi? Maybe you’ve always wanted to try guacamole and plantains in your seaweed roll. Yes, well, Taka Taka takes your dreams (and the best of these delectable cuisines) and  creates possibly some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. I’ve had Brazilian-fusion sushi before, but the atmosphere of conveyer belt sushi, sake margaritas and chipotle wasabi was absolutely irresistible and delicious. This is a must for all New Yorkers.

2. Sanctuary T, 337 B West Broadway, SoHo

If you are a tea lover, this is your eden. Sanctuary T melds tea into every one of their delicious dishes (and cocktails). Although the idea seems simple, the tea adds an extra something to their food, and the concept to me was absolutely genius (especially when everyone needs a little zen in their urban, NY lives). Placed in a chic yet simple atmosphere, some of their specialities are their White Blossom Sangria, Jasmine-infused caprioska and lemon ginger martini. If you go, try the earl gray Creme Brûlée…. I finished every bite!

3. Bread TriBeCa, 301 Church street, border of TriBeCa and SoHo

Although New York has good pizza, Italy has better. And Bread TriBeCa brings classic, authentic Italian pizza to NYC. In a white-washed wall, chic atmosphere where neon lights radiate onto Church street, Bread TriBeCa is the perfect place for a splash of pinot grigio, a petit dish of caprese salad and some of the best pizza you can get outside of Italy. If you want a taste of Italy in one of NYC’s best neighborhoods, try Bread TriBeCa.

I think I have gushed enough about my beautiful week in TriBeCa and my adventures in SoHo. But rest assured that mexican sushi in SoHo will be your best NYC food experience…. I mean, who needs that silly pizza stuff anyway?

– Harriet White


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