Last weekend, I went to the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum with a few of the other Glamour interns. It sounded strange and expensive ($40 is expensive to me when I’m living in Manhattan), but it was definitely worth the money. I’m sure everyone has heard that the wax figurines are very realistic—but really, they are. I always felt like someone was staring at me and all the details were so precise down to the stubble on the chin to the smiles and hairstyles. It was insane, and I can prove it.

We were stopped at the NSYNC figurines, but we couldn’t move on because this one girl was standing there forever taking pictures. After a few moments, people around us were laughing at us because the girl was fake! I guess she was supposed to be like a paparazzi figurine, but she was SO real.

While walking around, all the other girls were taking pictures with all the celebrities. Because I am not really into a lot of celebrities, I didn’t get really excited until the room with all the Avengers, so of course, I had to take a picture with each one. It got even better because then we moved on to see the 4D (yes, 4D) movie of the avengers. Though not nearly as good as the real movie (duh), it was still pretty awesome.

We continued through the rest of the museum to see and be creeped out by the rest of the figurines. I don’t know how many figurines are at the museum, but I definitely did not take enough pictures. Sadly, my camera died. Advice to those planning to go to this museum—make sure you bring a fully charged camera.


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