TriBeCa Grand Hotel

Last week, I was lucky enough to enjoy the splendors of the TriBeCa Grand Hotel, seeing as I had a visitor in from home. This chic, boutique hotel exemplifies TriBeCa: glamour, style and a bevy of wealthy, hip New Yorkers with cocktails.  So naturally as you can assume I enjoyed stepping into the part of a TriBeCa groupie, if only for a week.

First of all, may I say that TriBeCa is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan. The buildings are mod, open and minimalist; the people are fashionable and well, the bars (and hotels) are places to see and be seen. Simply put, to me, it is a “livin’ the life” type of neighborhood.

So let’s just say I was ecstatic about the opportunity to stay in this neighborhood for the week. I was even more enthused as we walked into the hotel to a J.Crew model clad in rolled up khakis, a pristinely blue plaid shirt and suede shoes. The atmosphere was swanky; mod, minimalist art surrounded each wall and each room came not only with Sixties style furniture but I-Pod docking stations and guides to “Nightlife in NYC.” …. Dorothy, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore! The hotel was such a hotspot that “white noise” machines were placed everywhere, so guests wouldn’t be disturbed by the Church Bar  & Lounge each evening. Yes, well, the TriBeCa Grand was the epitome of the glamourous NYC life, and I was taking in every minute.

Some highlights from the week were getting drinks and dinner in the lounge surrounded by NY’s glitterati, overhearing stories from The Hamptons and which restaurants to hit during the week. On Saturday evening, people were lined up to get into an exclusive film premiere party, and I was able to sweep by the line, getting in due to being a guest. Pretty cool stuff.

Although I went back to my life in good ole’ FiDi after one week, I’ll always remember my little dip into the TriBeCa high life. Being at the TriBeCa Grand was the perfect way to see first-hand another aspect of NY Life: the glamourous, hip, boutique hotel, overpriced cocktails one. My only other goal after being at the TriBeCa Grand is now to visit the SoHo Grand…. but for now, I think my days in TriBeCa are over. The thing about dreamy weeks at beautiful, boutique hotels in NYC is that they can’t last forever, and for now, I think I am okay with that. =)

– Harriet White


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