Coney Island (Aventure Points)

Everytime i heard people talking about beach, or see scenes of beaches in commercials, TV shows, and movies, i feel it is very far from me. It is not just about the distance, but also the culture. I grow up in Chengdu which is located at southwest of China, it is kind of like Kansas and Colorado in America, i dreamed about beach all the time, but i never been to any beaches until graduated from high school. My first beach experience was in Thailand, it was my dream come true. I went to Venice beach in sophomore year, and it was also a unforgettable experience. Satisfaction always equals to performance minus expectation, however, it seemed that my expectation of Coney Island was to high.

I spent two hours in Coney Island yesterday afternoon, to be honest, it wasn’t very good. First of all, it was so crowded. The main reason i went to there was trying to escape from Manhattan to enjoy a rare peace and quiet. So disappointed! Secondly, it was dirty, empty bottles, cigarettes butt, and plastic bags were everywhere. And i was trying to convince myself that don’t let those thing distract me, just clam down and enjoy the sea. Unfortunately, there were a lot of boats and yachts coming and going…….

This is the best spot i could find.




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