Pizza is a staple in New York. There is absolutely no denying that. In an area of the city, you are almost guaranteed to see the neon lights saying “Pizza” flashing in a nearby window. Although we all have our favorite pizza spots in the city, I thought I would share with you my absolute favorites. 


Lombardi’s: Two words to describe this pizza: SO GOOD! This restaurant boasts that it was the (one of the) first pizza places in New York City and it is always full of people enjoying a favorite New York dish. Baked in a coal oven, this pizza comes out piping hot with just the right amount of sauce, cheese and basil. The best part is this is totally affordable! For $20, you get a HUGE pizza that absolutely shareable. 

Numero 28: This pizza just tastes fresh! If you crave authentic Naples-style pizza, this is your spot. Shaped like a large rectangle, this pizza looks like it could feed up to 5 people, but you won’t want to share. It’s too good! 

It’s a Pizza: Located right on John Street, It’s a Pizza has an amazing Grandma Sicilian-style pizza. I ate this the first night I arrived in the city and I was not disappointed. It has the best sauce and plenty of basil, which makes for an amazing taste. They are available for pick-up, delivery and dine-in! 

Two Bros Pizza: A deliciously cheesy slice of pizza and a soda for one dollar? Okay, I’ll take it! This is definitely your more traditional style of pizza, but it is a great nonetheless! Plus, they are open into the wee hours of the morning so, it makes for a perfect late night snack. 

As an obvious pizza lover, I’d love to hear your favorite spots! 


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