4th of July hits NYC!

I might have to agree with my fellow bloggers that 4th of July in NYC isn’t as spectacular as one would imagine. Although New York is the home of fashion, good dining, theater and film, this city doesn’t epitomize good Independence Day traditions. Pools are on rooftops, grills are scarcely found, and fireworks are hidden behind an array of concrete. The only good aspect of Independence Day in the city is the Empire State Building gleaming red, white and blue!

Although my day consisted of free hot dogs (Ok, maybe this is another good aspect), beers at the all-American Patriot Saloon and scrambled eggs at a Hell’s Kitchen diner, the most memorable experience of the day was hearing the fireworks from 10th avenue and 42nd street. Note the word hearing. Due to the floods of people in Manhattan and the buildings, we couldn’t see the fireworks show as a whole. We could see sparks here and there, but let’s just say, New York isn’t the place to kick back and enjoy Independence Day fireworks (unless you have a rooftop). It was surreal to see the Manhattan sky glow, but there was something out of place watching the snippets of fireworks from the sidewalk amongst thousands of tourists; it made me miss sitting on Chicago’s boardwalk watching the fireworks after having had a BBQ at my grandmother’s house. Instead I was one in a crowd of thousands cranking their heads to catch a glimpse of an Independence Day tradition. But hey, I guess that’s what you sacrifice for the New York life. You might not get the opportunity to kick back in the backyard, but hell, you are at the center of everything, and that’s what matters most.

– Harriet White


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