Chicken Gyro

New York is kind of combination of everything in the world, for example, race, language, culture, and so on. I think no matter where you come from, you are always able to experience interesting things that are related to you or your hometown. Food in New York is amazing; people have so many choices to go. As I mention in my previous posts, I don’t cook very often because it is too far to do grocery shopping in Chinatown. So finding cheap and good food in financial district has become my job for a while. Besides couple of Asians places, I go to food carts a lot. Basically, their food tastes all the same that is why you don’t have to waste time on searching a better place. Chicken Over Rice used to be my favorite until Zach introduced Chicken Gyro to me. If you haven’t tried it, you must give a try, it is so delicious. And also, Shrimp Over Rice is a good choice too. But don’t get Lamb, it will make you feel bad in the next day when you wake up.




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