There are a lot of things that New York does really well. Pizza, hot dogs, and nightlife are on the list, but for me, Independence Day doesn’t quite make the cut.

Maybe I’ve been spoiled by Missouri’s 4th of July country charm because the holiday in the city just didn’t live up to my expectations. I imagined sitting on a pier and watching the fireworks over the water with Lady Liberty serving as the backdrop. Instead, after a half hour of rushing to get to the water before the firework show started and trying to find our friends, my boyfriend and I (he had flown in for the week) stood on our tip-toes behind a crowd of New Yorkers packed like sardines to see the fireworks over a building. While Ben and I ooh’ed and ahh’ed like the best of them, I think we both would have enjoyed the holiday a bit more with bbq sauce on our faces, a swimming pool nearby, and a Missouri hipster shouting ‘MERICA every other minute.

Don’t get me wrong, I had great company and the firework show was good. I just would liked less light from skyscrapers and more from the dozens of fireflies that line MIssouri grass, even if I would have been swatting them off all night.


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