Pizza Pies in NYC

After weeks of anticipation, I finally tried the pizza pie at Lombardi’s, America’s first pizzeria, in SoHo. Although I’ve tried NY-style pizza at both John’s and Grimaldi’s, I was anxious to try the pizza at this famous eatery. And although I am not a pizza aficionado, I have to say Lombardi’s makes my list as the best pizza I’ve had so far.

Now, like any famous eatery, I had to wait about an hour to get into this low-key, cash only joint. But it was well worth it once I got inside and was able to drink a cold, crisp Stella and a 18-inch cheese pizza (and yes, I shared it!). In comparison to Grimaldi’s where the pizza was flavorless and John’s where the pies were too greasy, Lombardi’s was a nice blend of cheesy deliciousness but not too greasy or commercialized. I felt like I was eating a real, authentic pizza, except that in Italy there is no such thing as “slices!”

Now, one thing I’ve noticed about NY pizza is that there isn’t usually much sauce or cheese. As a Chicagoan I am used to pizza that is stuffed to the brim with melting cheese and thick red sauce with chunks of tomatoes. New York likes to keep it authentic, making their pizza thin with almost no ingredients. With little to it, it’s simply delicious. But there is one thing I don’t like about the Big Apple’s pies: the way New Yorkers eat it. I am a fork-and-knife kind of girl, so breaking the pizza and eating it in a triangle is not appealing to me. I rebelled a bit at Lombardi’s, not eating my pizza New York style… hopefully I didn’t stand out too much!

The only last thing I have to do now on my pizza exploration of New York is try a pie in Queens or the Bronx…. I read the best pizzas are out in the other boroughs. Now, my Brooklyn pie wasn’t very tasty, so I’ll have to give this theory another shot but in Queens next time. For now, go to Lombardi’s, it is the best pizza in town. But what would I know? I am just a deep-dish type of gal!

– Harriet White


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