Baseball Game (Aventure Points)

I almost forgot to write something about this until i took a look at some old pictures on my iphone earlier today. On May 27, which was three days after we arrived in NYC, Zach, Cody, Jamie, Ashley, Annie and i went to Flushing to see San Diego Padres vs. New York Mets which was a very special event for me because it was my first time to go to a stadium to watch a baseball game. Comparing with soccer and basketball, i think baseball is more relaxing and enjoyable, especially for a fan, you don’t have to be so intensively concentrated. It felt so good to drink cold beer and eat delicious Nathan’s hot dog while watching the game. Anyway, it was a good game, although Padres couldn’t win. Zach now is planning to go to another baseball game before we leave, if it don’t have conflict with my schedule, i definitely will go.



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