So much chocolate

I love chocolate. Who doesn’t? So when I went to Chocolate by the Bald Man, a chocolate bar in Union Square, it was a dream come true. I was at a theater seeing The Amazing Spiderman across the street, and saw it when the movie was over. There were so many things to choose from. Choc-tails to cheesecake to hot chocolate, it was a difficult decision. Finally, I chose the Melting Chocolate Truffle Heart Cake & Shake—a milk and white chocolate heart cake served with creamy vanilla ice cream, red berries and iced milk chocolate shot. That’s right, an iced milk chocolate shot. If you’re not craving this from the description, something is very wrong with you. It was absolutely delicious, as anticipated. It’s just another example of the types of things you can find when just wandering around New York.

Oh yeah, Spiderman was pretty good, too. I’d recommend both after the great Saturday night I had. I love NYC.


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