The Scoop

As our time in this glorious city dwindles down, we are all doing our best to check everything off of our summer bucket lists. Whether that may be sampling a Crumb’s cupcake or hopping on the Staten Island Ferry, there is just so much to do and only so little time to do it. 

This past weekend I was introduced to an amazing app by the New York Times called “The Scoop.” If you are a newbie in New York or simply want to know of really cool “only in New York” things you can do, this is an app you MUST download. There are various tabs such as, restaurants, shopping, bars, and my personal favorite, an Only in N.Y. tab. This tab suggests you take in the views from Brooklyn Bridge Park or have a picnic at Central Park. It even offers fun things to do that I have never thought of such as, go dog watching at The Dog Run in Washington Square Park (I love puppies).  

I highly recommend checking out this app if your stuck on what to do this weekend or are simply curious about all that New York has to offer. 



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