4Th of July’s Effect

Because of 4Th of July, I think everybody had a pretty free schedule last week. After a month hard working, especially in NYC, 4th of july was a good  chance to slow down and rest up. Personally, i enjoyed the holiday a lot, and it was my first time to experience and celebrate America’s birthday because i spent the past three summers in China. We went to west 42nd street closing to Hudson river to see fireworks. Although it was so crowded and can hardly see what happened in the sky, people still maintained the smiling face and enjoyed being involved in this big day.

Sometimes troubles come after happiness, maybe i was too excited about the holiday and played a little bit over, as a result, i have been suffering from low-spirit since Monday. I went to bed immediately after i came back from work, and wake up at 10pm, so i just couldn’t feel sleepy until 4am. My biological clock is totally messed up!! Now, i am trying to get back on track, and hopefully will be fine on tomorrow. There are so many temptations in this city, so stay cool and manage your time wisely.



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