Eataly Explorations

I’ve never been a picky eater.  Give me octopus, anchovies, what have you, I’ll probably be OK with it. Add to this my mild addiction to the Food Network, and it makes for an interesting combination.  I love watching shows like Chopped, which give me a chance to see unusual ingredients used in unusual ways.  That’s one of the reasons I loved visiting Mario Batali’s Eataly this past week.  I wasn’t about to buy a lot of the expensive and unusual foods there (I’m on an intern’s budget, let’s be real), but it was a lot of fun to see and explore.  I was impressed by some of the prices, however.  Not everything was outrageously expensive, and this is always a plus in Manhattan.

Eataly is one of the newer markets in  Manhattan, and it has an impressive assortment of meats, seafood, cheese, and a produce section that will truly amaze.  It’s like a grocery store and food court on steroids.  I went after work one day, and it was packed! People buzzing back and forth buying this and that, and the restaurants were full with hour or more waits.  While they fought for the few tables available, I settled on buying a few necessities (fresh bread, prosciutto, and mozzarella) and went to Madison Square Park across the street to enjoy.


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