Simpler Times in FAO Schwarz

This past weekend, my visiting friends and I reverted back to younger years with a trip to FAO Schwarz – the famous toy store in the upper Eastside. One of my friends had made a trip to the store during his first and only other visit to New York with his family 10 years ago, and wanted to see if the store was as amazing as he remembered.

The entrance to FAO Schwarz on 5th Street

His suggestion turned out to be a good one, as we were innocently filled with joy while walking through the giant, over-sized candy section and wowed by coming across classic toys we loved as young boys.

My time-machine moment came in the store’s large Star Wars section, where I crossed an aisle and instantly felt a nostalgic rush at seeing the plastic, light-up lightsabers that were so popular when the newer movies were being released about a decade ago. My brother and I used to spend hours playing with the noise-triggered toys on the deck of our old house throughout our shared childhood, and the discovery supplied me a big smile and a fun picture message to send to my now 18-year-old brother.

You should check out the giant toy store full of wonders as well, I’m willing to bet that you’ll make a similar memory-filled find.


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