Goodbye My Love

After woke up this morning, i habitually walked into bathroom with my dizzy head and powerless leg, a man showed up in the mirror, of course, it was me, and i was clear enough to recognize myself, but the face in the mirror just didn’t look like me anymore. It was not the first time i had this kind of feeling, it has happened more frequently since i arrived in NYC. Here is the story, i have gained ten pounds in one month and a half. I think my tragedy started in the final weeks of the past semester. i remember that i had to study for six exams during that period, so overnight studying was unavoidable, i don’t know if this is true for other people, it is impossible for me to do it without food and soda….

The situation has become worse since the first day in NYC. Three reasons, the first one–street food, it always put me in a dilemma, and appetite beats rationality every single time. Chicken Gyro, Chicken Over Rice, Shrimp Over Rice, hotdogs… i just can’t help myself. The second reason is the cause of the first one, food carts are everywhere, there are couple of carts on Williams and maiden Ln, i am a lazy guy, i don’t want to cook, even i want to, but i can’t make asian food with the kitchen in our room, and also, asian market is very far away from Financial District.

I do feel better right now by writing this self summary because it means that i am introspecting, in order to get back on track, it is the time to temporarily say goodbye to street food. In memory of the great taste and joy, i will have my last chicken gyro later.


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