I went home last Tuesday for my grandfather’s funeral. It was an impromptu trip so I bought my tickets at the last-minute and had to fly out of JFK. I say that as if flying out of JFK is so much worse than LGA, but I was worried because I have never, ever flown out of JFK.

Every experience I have had flying into or out of the city has taken place at LGA. I fly in, get in the cab line, and pay the forty or so dollars it takes to get anywhere in Manhattan. I do it because I’m comfortable with what I know.

This past week I broke out of that comfort zone and took the subway to JFK. I did not want to spend the $50 flat rate fee to take a cab there ($52 now — the city just approved a city wide taxi fare increase). So I brought my bags with me to work that morning and planned to leave straight from work at 4 p.m. to make my 8 p.m. flight.

I was incredibly nervous about being late, but I checked and double checked my  subway route on Google Maps, and I was sure I could make it there in an hour.

I took the 6 up to 53rd street and then transferred to the E. I rode the E for what felt like forever. (My view of this man’s armpit might have had something to do with that feeling.)

I got off at Sutphin Blvd – Archer Ave, and I walked through to Jamaica Station. I used my Metrocard to get onto AirTrain and within a few minutes I was at my terminal.

AirTrain is significantly nicer than the subway, and I actually really enjoyed the views of Brooklyn that I got to see on the way to the airport.

My trip to the airport was “free,” minus my usual Metrocard expense. And I would definitely make the trip again. If you are flying out of JFK, I would highly suggest taking the subway. It’s easy, and you save yourself the hassle of above ground traffic. Take the E or the A from Fulton to Howard Beach, and you should be good to go.

P.S. here’s what Cincinnati public transportation looked like when I got into town. Home sweet home?


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