What I’ve learned so far…

So it’s about halfway through my summer in New York, which also means it’s about halfway through my time at Glamour, too. Yes, this is weird to think about. The time here has seemed to go by so fast and also very slow at the same time. It’s a weird feeling. Anyway, I feel like it’s time to see what I’ve learned so far during my time here…

  • Let’s start with a basic one. It’s HOT. Living most of my life in the beautiful Colorado, I think I had that stereotype that the northeastern part of the U.S. was never really that hot. If anything, it was mostly cold and maybe chilly in the summer. I was so wrong. Now I’ll do anything to find a bench in the shade just to get out of the sun.
  • I need to return to New York eventually. Because I only intern two days a week, that gives me time to explore and see lots of the city, but not <em>nearly</em> enough of it. I could probably just spend all summer in the West Village alone with all the restaurants and shops in that area. I’ll need to make another visit.
  • Tourists are really annoying. Is that fair for me to say? Well, I don’t know. But since I live here (temporarily) and I have a regular route and regular subway station and regular restaurants I like, I consider myself to be a temporary New Yorker—especially when I go to Times Square to work at <em>Glamour</em>. What really gets me is the people who just stop—just STOP—where they’re walking to take a picture. (Really? Your picture of Elmo couldn’t wait a few steps?) Yes, I still am happy when people ask me for directions because it means my local disguise is working.
  • There are actually plenty of things to do here if you’re alone. Because I don’t intern as much as the others, I have plenty of time alone to find something to do in the city. I go shopping, try new restaurants, check out the numerous museums here, go for walks and runs, etc.
  • Everyone knows this city <em>is</em> expensive. But that’s nothing new, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Since I don’t permanently live here and pay rent and all that expensive stuff, I’m referring specifically to fun things. Since I’ve been here, I have found plenty of ways to save money. The Staten Island Ferry (free), the Mets game ($10), the museums (free or “suggested” prices), exercising (free—no gym membership), exploring the major attractions (free), and then just looking for other deals through sales, coupons, groupons, etc.
  • Duane Reade exists on every street. Maybe twice on every street.
  • Pick up a programming language. Yes, the rest of the class already knows this since we hear it from all our guest speakers, but they’re right. I feel like everyone at Glamour has their specialties. Sadly, I have yet to find that.
  • Don’t get a part-time job. Okay, maybe that’s just me. But they schedule me every weekend and during the nights! That’s the best time to see the city! Frustrating.
  • And lastly (for now), New York is where I’ve always wanted to live. Sure, it’s been my dream to live here, but you can never really know until you experience it. That’s why I viewed this summer as a sort of test run for my future—the city, the type of job, the lifestyle, everything. And while I still am not certain about what I want to do career-wise, I want it to be in New York.

And that’s enough for now. Hey, it’s only halfway through the summer! I’m sure I still have lots to learn.


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