Friday at the Whitney

Friday evenings at the Whitney Museum of American Art are “pay as you wish.” Perfect! I’m still a cheap college student at heart, so I get excited seeing this sort of announcement.  Additionally, it was nice to get to a museum during the week. Most are closed by the time the workday ends, but every museum usually has one day a week it stays open until 9 p.m. or so. After work on Friday, I hopped on the Subway and headed uptown to the Whitney to get my fill of some modern art.  General admission is $18, and age 19-25 is $12.  Since I didn’t really want to go much lower than that, and I wanted to give some support to the museum, I paid $10. It was well worth it.

What I loved most about the Whitney is that it seems much more intimate than some of the bigger museums in New York.  I’ve never liked to rush in a museum, and I hate the hoards of tour groups that come galloping through the galleries.  But here, I was one of a handful who visited that evening, and I felt that a few hours was the perfect amount of time to really appreciate the exhibits.  It was interesting to see how new and fresh a lot of the art was, compared with the Met or even the Guggenheim.  Also, the museum offers free daily tours, and they’re pretty good in quality and content. I took the tour at 7:30, and the guide was excellent, really knowledgeable and open to questions.


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