The Four Story Walk-Up

On Sunday, a friend of mine moved into her newly leased apartment in the Upper West Side.  The apartment’s in a beautiful residential neighborhood, tree-lined, quiet and close to Riverside Park.  Her window faces a little courtyard, which is much better than my current view of the trash chute for our building. My friend will be attending NYU for graduate school this fall, so it’s just a quick Subway ride away.  The apartment is close to perfect. Unfortunately, the one drawback of moving in New York is often the (lack of) elevators.  Combine this with little street parking, and it meant moving in was quite a process.  They had to carry everything from a few city blocks away, up four flights of stairs to the apartment.  It’s one of the less glamorous aspects of living in the city.  I felt terrible for not meeting them earlier to help move.  Needless to say, by the time I met up with her and her parents in the afternoon, they were ready for some air conditioning and much-needed rest.

After a quick trip to get some groceries at Trader Joe’s, we went to Beard Papa’s for some iced coffee and some of their famous cream puffs.  The iced coffee was perfect to combat the heat of the day, and pastries were incredible! Puff pastry on the outside, and filled with delicious cream.  They fill them right when you order, so it’s not soggy.  Delicious.  I’ll definitely have to make a visit back here soon!  I’m also jealous of my friend, who now lives one block away from this little gem.


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