Beach Time

On Saturday, I ventured back over to Garden City in Long Island to visit my friend from high school who was staying with her friend from college who lives there (catch all of that?). Honestly, I cannot get enough. I have fallen in love with the beautiful neighborhoods in Garden City. It is truly a charming village and driving around uncrowded streets with the windows down took me back to St. Louis.

While I was in Long Island, the three of us drove over to Long Beach where my friend’s friend belongs to a beach club, which was beautiful. The club had long boardwalks and chairs and umbrellas for comfortable beach lounging. After watching all the families with their adorable babies for about an hour, we walked over to another beach where more friends were. We all hopped in the ocean, which was perfect temperature. I kid you not.

We spent a lovely day at the beach, I finally got some color on my skin, and I actually got to swim for once. Also, I discovered that Garden City is pretty much the most perfect place to live. Garden City-ers live in a gorgeous town, they live a short drive from the beach, AND they live a short train away from New York City.

Not. Fair.


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