Clever Title about Sunsets

I have a confession to make: every time I see a sunset, I kick myself for not enjoying them more often.

This past week, I walked along the river around 6:30PM and it was one of the most serene places and times I think I’ve experienced in New York City. I was away from the honking cabs, the chatter of everyone on their cell phones, and get this: I was able to walk at a normal pace. I had no where to be and I was able to enjoy the view. I came across a great one.


One of the best things about sunset is that it’s consistent.  I remember the day I took the photo below, I had a really rough day at KOMU, was driving home and noticed the sunset. I stopped at a gas station and stood on my car to get a photo before it escaped behind the trees. Not to sound sappy, but it made my day just a little better.


So I advise you all to stop one night and enjoy the sunset in this wonderful city. Whether it be on a rooftop with a overly-priced drink or on a casual walk by the river, it’s sure to make a wonderful close to a good (or bad!) day.


Ashley Carr


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