Shake Shack – Adventure Point

On Friday I tried the famous Shake Shack. The original Shake Shack, located in Madison Square Park, is just across the street from where I work. I pass it everyday on my commute, and I am always amazed at how long the line is.

So after taking a quick look at the Shack Cam to check the length of the line I headed out to try a famous burger.

It was SO GOOD. Please make sure you put Shake Shack on your list of things to do before we leave. The atmosphere was really great and the burger was delicious. No I’m a bit of a burger snob, so I wouldn’t say it was the “best burger I’ve ever had” (that title goes to Columbia’s on Broadway Brewery), but I would say that this burger was incredibly high on the list.

Bonus points: They also have amazing milk shakes, cheese fries and you can order a beer and drink it in the park.

If you need any more convincing:
 Image credit:

Or check out this In-N-Out vs. Five Guys vs. Shake Shack review.


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