The Cooke’s Take Manhattan

So this weekend my parents popped in for a weekend stay in the city to visit their only daughter, me. I will now highlight a few gems from this trip.

After one trip on the subway, my parents decided they were “over it” and we took a cab everywhere. This was ridiculous, but appreciated. I felt like a queen for a day.

Later, my mom asked me if the people hammering and doing construction outside of the apartment were from “Stomp!” and I said no. 

My mom wanted to go to Ellis Island on a boat tour. This was kind of like riding the subway, but on water. She also wouldn’t let us eat breakfast before the boat ride, as to get the true immigrant experience. We decided we wouldn’t have made if from our homeland to the New World as we hardly made it from Manhattan to the island.

Oh, and my dad once asked a taxi driver to “take his time, no rush”. 

Overall, it was a successful trip. I ate like a king, went shopping, acted like I was in Gossip Girl, all on my parents dime. Now they are on a plane to St. Louis, and I’m back to stealing plastic silverware from Panera. 


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