Guys, this is serious.

No really, it is a serious post.

This past weekend I was out with a few friends. I wanted to go home early, so I left the apartment building we were at and went to hail a cab. I was talking on the phone (don’t do that) and all of a sudden I see two girls walking toward me. Thinking they were going to ask me a question, I didn’t think anything of it. Suddenly, one of the girls walks up to me, grabs my iPhone off my ear, and they walk speedily away.

I debated going after them, but even if I hadn’t been in heels, I don’t think that would have a been a good idea. Luckily it was only the iPhone they took and they pretty much left me a note. Right after the incident, I hopped in a cab and called the police. After the cab driver attempted to chase down the girls, I decided I just needed to find someone I knew. At that moment, I saw Jenner walking down the street. Thank goodness because I was having a full-blown panic attack. I just got mugged.

After a long night of police reports and iPhone tracking, I was scared, paranoid, and without a phone. While my mom sent me a new phone (it’s my old Blackberry and I’m having to readjust to how slow it is…ugh), I’m still a little shaken up. 

I think if there is a lesson I, and everyone else, can learn from this it’s to always have your eyes peeled and always stay with a friend. I’m lucky to be unharmed and I would take the Blackberry over a black eye any day.



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