How Serendipitous!

The Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Harlem, Statue of Liberty, Serendipity? Yes, it’s true.  Serendipity is a true New York icon.  I remember clearly on my first trip to New York in 7th grade that I begged my mother to take me to Serendipity and share one of those amazing Hot Fudge Sundaes. Granted, I only knew about Serendipity because of the movie, but to me at the time, Serendipity was classic New York: You went on a shopping trip to the famous Bloomingdales on 60th and Third and then stopped into Serendipity for a sundae. That was Manhattan.

I hadn’t thought too much about Serendipity since moving to New York this summer (mostly because I guess I imagine Serendipity as a winter place), but I serendipitously ended up there last night. As everyone was eager to try the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate, I decided to tag along and see how if the place was as I imagined it at 12 years old. And funny enough, it was! I walked in only to recognize the seat my mom and I sat in 9 years ago after a quick trip to Madame Tussad’s. So not only was my visit to Serendipity a nice blast from the past, but it was also a reminder of how New York has changed for me. As a young girl, New York was about Fifth Avenue, Central Park, Serendipity, Bloomingdales and the Statue of Liberty; all classic New York things. But now that I have spent a summer here, I see New York in a much more modern way with the Meatpacking District, the High Line, Freedom Towers, SoHo boutiques, West Village, indie coffee in Williamsburg, Sushi in East Village, sample sales. These things are New York to me now.

So for a $8.60 on an indulgently delicious frozen hot chocolate, I got a little perspective on what New York means to me. And yeah, I would say that was pretty serendipitous!

– Harriet White


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