That One Time…

On Friday, I had quite the experience for my internship with Seventeen.

I was sent to interview Joe Jonas as a representative from the beauty team. Initially, Joe’s publicist reached out to my supervisor Molly to conduct the interview, but wanting me to have a memorable internship experience, Molly asked if I would be interested in going on this interview. Um, of course! As an intern, this was an amazing opportunity that I could not pass up. 

Joe is a representative for Acuvue contacts so I had to spin all of my interview questions to relate to eye health, contact wear and having confidence whether you’re rocking contact lenses or your standard frames. As I arrived at The Bowery Hotel on Friday morning, I must admit – I was slightly nervous. I had never been a Jonas Brother’s fan, but he is a big name celebrity and I am just a little New York intern. I knew I had to be confident and self-assured. Walking into the interview, Joe and his team were extremely friendly, welcoming and down-to-chat. It was actually a really comfortable environment. We got through all of the questions with ease and Joe and I even shared a few giggles and side chatted a little bit! I would even say we’re friends now. Not really, but that would be kind of cool. 

Moral of the story. I’m very glad and fortunate that I have been able to experience such amazing things as an intern at Seventeen and to work with individuals who truly care about my experience. Interning this summer has without a doubt been one of the most memorable and amazing things I have done in my 21 years. I have learned so much about the industry I hope to work in and I can confidently say that I want to end up back here one day. It breaks my heart a little bit thinking I have less than four weeks left to soak it all up. 


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