The Staten Island Ferry (Adventure Point)

As i mentioned in my previous posts, I was born and grow up in the inland area of China, there was not so many opportunities for me to experience the “water”, so i am always curious about riding a boat, of course i had boat experiences before, but not ferry. If I am a NewYorker, and someone ask me the places to go in NYC, ferry must on the list. There are couple of ferry routes here, but no matter which one you take, i am sure that you will enjoy it. If you choose The Staten Island Ferry, it is a great and totally free way to see the statue of Liberty and the skyline of lower Manhattan. The terminal is really nice and new, and it is easy to get on the boat. The ferry runs every thirty minutes, so it is very important to check your schedule before you go because you don’t want to miss it and wait for another thirty minutes. Last time i took the ferry was almost three weeks ago, and it was dark, the skyline was amazing, maybe it was not as good as brooklyn bridge, but it was definitely a must do thing. The only thing i was a little bit disappointed about was it was too dark to see statue of liberty, it was very fuzzy. Good thing is Zach and i plan to watch a baseball game in Staten Island on this coming Thursday, i think i will be able to see the statue this time.


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