Tropfest Film Festival

New York is always the most interesting and exciting city, at least for most of people. There are so many reasons why I make this point, for example, food in NYC is diversified, no matter where you come from, you can always find your hometown food, and you are always be able to try something new, NYC never says no to you until you broke your bank. Parks are everywhere, and it is easy to find some nice beaches. Besides those things, there is one more thing that you can always experience in NYC, and it is also one of those benefits of living in NYC. There are so many events in this city, concerts, comedy shows, different kinds of festivals, a lot of them are free, even it is not, I believe you still can find some cheap tickets online. Zach and I went to an event called TROPFEST Film Festival on Saturday June 23 with approximately 10000 people on Bryant Park. The festival was hosted by Hugh Jackman, although I am not a fan of him, he did a pretty good job during that night. This event was born 20 years ago in Sydney, Australia, and it is now the world’s largest short film festival. No matter who you are, where you come from, you are always welcome to submit your own film. Unlike Hollywood style films, those short films played in the festival are more educational and meaningful. The film “Emptys”,  directed by Josh Leak, is the winner of the night. It is a documentary that follows people who collect beverage containers as their principal source of income.



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