Dress to Impress

Yesterday, the interns at the McGraw-Hill company had a business luncheon with the chairman, president, and CEO of the company, Terry McGraw.  The lunch itself was fun and interesting. We sat with different executives in the company, and it was a great opportunity to meet other interns and see where they were working as well.  But the dress code we received before the event was extensive, to say the least. Here’s the requirements listed below:


• Suits, Shirts, Ties, Shoes
• Choose natural fibers.
• Dark blue or gray are the best colors; if the suit
has a pattern, it should be pinstripes or plaid.
• Make sure the jacket is long enough and that
the inside lining does not hang below the
• Freshly pressed solid or pinstripe shirts.
• If the shirt is not white, light blue and French
blue are acceptable.
• Always wear long sleeves with a suit.
• Ties should compliment the entire outfit.
• Silk; 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches wide.
• No bow ties.
• Avoid novelty ties.
• Ties should not be too loud or too bright.
• Your tie should end at the middle or bottom of
your belt buckle.
• Black, brown or cordovan color shoes.
• Shoes should be comfortable, well polished,
heeled and should not be leaning to the side.

Jewelry and Accessories
• Do not wear gimmicky or sport watches.
• Rings should not be chunky or flashy; school
rings are appropriate.
• Do not wear too many chains or bracelets.
• No earrings.
• Your cologne should be light or none at all.

• Short, conservative cut; no tails, colors, braids,
twists, etc.
• Neatly combed, clean, not too greasy.
• A clean-shaven face; beard, mustache,
sideburns or goatee should be clean and well

Suits, Dresses and Skirts
Business skirt suits should be worn (neutral
colors are acceptable).
Dark colors such as navy, gray, or dark maroon
• conservative suits are best.
• Skirts and dresses with coordinated jackets are
• Complementary solid color blouse is
recommended – white, cream, pastel.
• Your dress or skirt should cover the knee when

• Medium heeled leather pumps (blue, black); no
sling back or open toe shoes.
• Heels should be 1 to 2 inches, not higher.
• Always wear panty hose or stockings; try to
match the color of your shoes or flesh tones.

Hair, makeup and nails
• Hair should be neat, conservative, and
professional; no large or teased hairstyles,
multicolor; or gadgets.
• Hair should be kept off of your face.
• Makeup should be simple and soft.
• Nails should be manicured with light or clear
polish (no designs).

Jewelry and Accessories
• Simple earrings, not dangling.
• A pin or a necklace; a watch; one bracelet.
• If you wear rings, one per hand.
• Carry a small purse.
• Your perfume should be light or none at all.


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