Eating In

I’m a huge fan of grocery shopping.

In Columbia I love running up to Schnucks and grabbing the ingredients to an impromptu dinner. It isn’t very productive, but I have a habit of going up there three to four times a week.

And although our kitchens are a bit lacking here (okay, they lack a lot) I find myself doing the same thing. I am even more in love with the amount of grocery stores we have right outside our door.

I head into one almost every day after work.

In my opinion:

Gristedes has the best deli meat and occasional sales.
Zeytuna has the best sushi and desserts.
And go to Jubilee for everything else.

As a New Yorker I think it would be easy to eat pretty healthy because I am always buying fresh food. There’s no shortage of vegetables, fruit, fresh fish and freshly baked bread. It’s too bad we don’t really have any counter space to cook anything or I would be making all kinds of meals.

In the mean time I’ll continue to cook up some of my brand new microwave specialties … eggs in a coffee mug … eggs with salsa … cottage cheese over everything … and Bocca burger salads. Yum …


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