Hello, My Name is Elder Price…

It’s no secret. I love Broadway musicals. I’ve told you all before, but I would do anything to have the chops to sing on Broadway. After seeing The Book of Mormon this past weekend, I would hands down pick this musical to star in. Although, that’s physically impossible considering the cast is made up completely of males. Rats…

I had heard so much about this musical. Good and bad. I had heard that people found this play to be wildly offensive. I had also heard that people literally cried from laughing so hard. I most definitely fell into the latter category. I L-O-V-E this musical. It’s witty, hilarious and completely unpredictable. I had no idea what to really expect walking into this musical, but the plot was incredible and completely kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. This particular musical is the winner of multiple 2011 Tony awards and is written entirely by the writers for South Park, which explains the hilarious and often crude humor.

My mom was in town this past weekend, which was wonderful.  Every time we would visit the city when I was younger, it was always tradition to see a Broadway musical. I really believe that Broadway is one of the reasons that I fell so in love with New York to begin with.

We had purchased tickets for a bargain on StubHub.com prior to the show, but my friend Rebecca eagerly waited at the door a few hours before curtain call and ended up scoring tickets for an unbelievable price! If you ever want to catch a play while you’re here, I would highly recommend doing that or searching on StubHub.com.


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