NYC Weather

Ok so it is halfway through July and I am just now commenting on the weather in New York City. Well, it is not at all what I expected. When my editors at Glamour warned me that it would be hot, they’re weren’t exaggerating. Most days it has been about 90 degrees on average. Some days have reached 100 and we have been fortunate to have a few days in the low 80s. But I never expected New York City, or really anywhere in the Northeast, to be this humid! Moving from Colorado to Missouri, I went from completely dry air to Missouri’s lovely, sticky, sweat-inducing humid heat. Then coming to New York, it almost seems to be even more humid, making each long walk and each waiting time for a subway train seem that much longer. Many days this summer I have walked down to Wagner Park to go for a run, read, lay out in the sun, etc. On hot days like today, the heat just gets in the way. I run for about 20 minutes and I’m sweating way more than anyone should. I read a book in the sun for 20 minutes and I feel like I’m burning to a crisp. While summer is my favorite season, the heat here can be really annoying. All I wanted was a little cooler weather, possibly some rain. Well, I got my wish. As soon as I stepped out the door to head to the Holocaust museum, it started pouring, which is exactly how I ended up back inside to write this blog.


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