Park Lounging

On Monday, Cody and I decided to be real New Yorkers. We ventured up to Central Park and basked in the sun. AKA we tried to get our tan on.

We took the 4 5 train and got off at 59th. Before heading into the park, however, we strolled over to the Whole Foods across the street. This is the perfect place to enter Central Park because you can easily hop in the grocery store, pick up a great little picnic, and head to the park to relax and enjoy some treats.

Cody and I did just that… sort of. But we did join all the other New Yorkers by laying out our towels and by enjoying some much needed sun intake. Cody stepped it up a notch and wore just his swimsuit. I, on the other hand, did not know that was the New York way, so I had my dress on.

If you really want to fit in and seem like a real New Yorker in Central Park, do some type of acrobatic moves. That’s what everyone around us was doing. Yeah, New Yorkers can be weird.



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