Hot Child in the City

So before coming to New York City, I had often heard legends of the Manhattan heat during the summer. Whether it was Serena and Dan on Gossip Girl sweating it out in Central Park or my Brooklyn-native physician telling me to find a friend with a Hamptons house ASAP, I was well aware that NYC would be a scorcher during the summer, but I didn’t think much about it…

Now, that it is July, I understand completely all the sayings about NYC summers: It is hot. Hot is actually an understatement; hell on earth would be a better description. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating, but the last few weeks, I have found myself walking down the street or traveling the subway just drenched in sweat. The heat just sticks to the buildings, lying in the air without any way to escape. I think that’s what makes NYC unique from other places. Unlike Chicago or Boston, there isn’t particularly any space for the heat to leave the city. And I now understand why people leave for the Hamptons on the weekends: to escape the heat, the garbage and the crowds of people in such weather. Manhattan wasn’t made for the summertime, especially when you have to walk those 30 blocks in heels. Let’s just say looking stylish and overwhelming heat don’t necessarily work well together.

I have to say it’s a shame you can’t enjoy Manhattan more in the summer, but if I have any advice for further NY program students, make sure you find a friend with a house in the Hamptons fast once you come to the city. You’ll be a big ball of frizz if you don’t. But I guess unless you’re an Upper East Side Manhattanite that’s what you sacrifice to live  in the Big Apple.

– Harriet White



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