On this episode of Cake Intern…


This is an order for 20 at Starbucks. (I edited out the Barista’s tears). 

I figured I should probably talk about what I’ve been doing with most of my time. This photo was (thankfully) my only Starbucks run, however “going on runs” is a big part of my job. 

When I’m not at the bakery asking every camera guy how something works or a producer why their doing that (I’m really annoying), I’m in a minivan driving through the city with a fellow PA. 

The places I have gone do not make a whole lot of journalistic sense, but in these runs I’ve learned a lot about the city and what it means to get along with your crew. As a PA, you have to do a lot of the grunt work. Thankfully with Cake Boss the grunt work is “pick up 7 Barbie Unicorns from Toys R Us” or “Go buy the biggest frog you can find at Pet Smart” (both things I have done). Every day is something new, which makes it fun to wake up and wonder what I’ll be asked to do next. 

Here is what I did today, July 18th:

10 am: helped a camera guy set up a shot on a dolly that recorded a time lapse of the bakery. (This was actually cool and a learning experience).

1:30pm: ate Thai food for lunch. On a production crew, they have to provide you with a meal, for free. It’s amazing.

2 pm: played ping pong with the production crew. Let’s call this a networking experience. 

3 pm: worked on the dolly a little more, watched as they filmed the baker’s making a cake, and played dodgeball with Buddy’s 5 and 7 year old kids. 

5 pm: went to a CostCo type store and got food for our Craft Services, aka we have to have snacks on hand at all times. And Diet Mountain Dew. 

6 pm: Buddy has left the bakery and we finish shooting interviews with his sister, so we are wrapped early. More ping pong.

While there is a lot of down time, I have learned a lot about working with a production crew on a show, and I absolutely love it.



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