Sailing in Connecticut


This past weekend I had the opportunity to go sailing around the Long Island Sound. 

I woke up early Sunday, and we drove an hour to Stamford, Ct. The drive was gorgeous, although I’m really deprived of nature right now and mistook a drain runoff for a waterfall the other day. 

It was a beautiful day for sailing, and super hot, so the sea breeze and wind felt like heaven. 

I got to steer the boat, which was at first very challenging and I sailed us right into where the wind dies and you stop moving. As the day progressed I got the hang of it and I sailed the dickens out of that boat. 

I think my internship has taught me a lot about interpersonal relationships and how important it is to be a normal, hardworking person in this industry. It’s like Sean Spasito said, if you’re likable and you do good work, then you’ll be fine anywhere. 

Sailing around the water with people from work was like one long interview. I was proving that I can be social, friendly, outgoing, not creepy, etc. These moments are moments that I couldn’t have without having an internship here in this city. These connections are what will get me a job later in life, I can already tell. These people could read my resume with 200 others come May 2013, but they can’t go on an 8 hour boat ride with each candidate. 


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