Baseball and Fireworks

After experienced my first baseball game that happened almost two months ago, Zach and I went to another one today. Comparing with the previous match between Mets and Padres that are MLB teams, the game that we went today was between Staten Island Yankee and Brooklyn Cyclones. Actually, it is the lower league, but they were doing pretty well. One of the amazing things is that the stadium locates just by the sea or the Upper Bay. And the game started at 7:00 pm, so we were able to see the sunset, it was so beautiful, moreover, although it was a little bit far, there was the best spot where I have been so far to watch skyline.

The game was crazy because it was even at 0:0 until the fifteen round, and Brooklyn won the game. According to Zach, I am so surprised that there are so many different level of baseball leaguer in United States, and the baseball systems are very well organized here. Comparing to fireworks in 4th of July, the fireworks we saw after game were not as fancy as 4th of July, but I enjoyed it more.  



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