Trouble in Aurora

Ok, so most people heard about the movie theatre shooting in Aurora, Co. that happened last night. I was obviously shocked and heartbroken to hear the news this morning, since I am from Aurora. I woke up to several text messages this morning saying things along the lines of “hey, I heard about what happened and I hope your friends and family are safe.” Of course, when reading these, I jumped out of bed and immediately found the news of the Aurora shooting.

I began texting my friends back home to see what was going on and if anyone we knew had been there—and if they had been hurt. It was the worst question imaginable to ask my friends. Luckily for me, I was not directly affected. None of my friends and family were there, but I did hear about three friends of friends that were hurt in last night’s chaos. I had people texting me all day to ask how things were back home, even though I am in New York for the summer. Even though they clearly knew I was not in Colorado, I really appreciated my friends checking in about my family back home.

After our class media visit was over, I got home and immediately started texting friends and checking Facebook for any updates. Everyone I know personally is safe, but it was still awful to know that my friends were in pain from their friends who were hurt. I went out to dinner with a few friends from Glamour and afterward we had planned to see the movie. I felt a little skeptical—not because I was scared it may happen again (even though the media did warn about repeat copy attacks), but just because I wasn’t sure I would want to see the movie and have to think about what happened at the theater in my hometown just fewer than 24 hours earlier. We ended up not being able to see it anyway because it was completely sold out as somewhat expected.

I am so thankful that I was not directly affected by the shooting, but it was still disturbing to think that the town where I have spent the majority of my life experienced this awful attack. It was frightening to think that I actually had to call friends to see if everyone was safe. That is not a pleasant feeling. My love and thoughts go out to everyone in Aurora, especially those hurt or affected by the actions of the shooter.


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