United nightmare

This past weekend I was traveling out-of-town to attend my cousin’s graduation in Ohio. I headed out on Friday evening from Newark airport. That was the first nightmare. Newark (in general) is a less chaotic airport than LaGuardia or JFK, and it’s not much further to travel. But with traffic on Friday evening heading out of the city, it was horrible.  OK, I made it out of the city, into the airport. I had checked in for my flight the night before, so I just went to print off my boarding pass, when I received a scary message: “No reservations found for this passenger within the next 24 hours.” What?

Turns out United Airlines cancelled my flight earlier that day because of weather. I didn’t get a phone call or an email about it.  Which means I was stuck at the airport, with no flights to anywhere in Ohio available that night. That was the second nightmare. After heckling with the airline employees for close to an hour, they re-booked me on a flight the next morning.  Fine, I had a flight. But now I had to turn around, go back to the apartment, and come back the next day. I’m telling you, I don’t want to see the inside of a bus for the next six months.

The next morning, after a seriously deja vu drive back to Newark, I went to stand in line for security. What could possibly go wrong now? The worst case scenario had already happened, right? Wrong. When I looked at the monitor to make sure my flight was on time, I saw the third nightmare. You guessed it, my flight was cancelled again.  If it wasn’t such a precarious situation for me, I would have felt bad for the airline staff: everyone was yelling and it must have been horrible rescheduling everyone on their flights. All was not lost, however. I got booked on another flight that actually ended up arriving earlier than my original flight. So while it worked out in the end, I’ve decided one thing: I am never, ever, EVER flying United Airlines again.  One flight cancelled I can understand. But two? Within 24 hours? Come on.


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