Mizzou Crew

At the beginning of the summer, I only knew one of the other Mizzou interns doing this program. Therefore, I was a tab bit nervous heading to New York City for the summer because I wasn’t sure if I would have anyone to hang out with. 

Well, I’ll be darned. Turns out all the other interns doing the program with me are pretty dang awesome. (I guess that’s just the way Mizzou breeds them.) I have had an absolute blast with these folks and have enjoyed spending two months in the city with them.

Who knew I’d go to NYC only knowing one person and leave having 13+ new friends? I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal. We’ve even talked about having a New York City intern reunion back in Columbia. We’re so cute. 

Congrats, other interns, for being cool enough to hang with me!!! (I’m being 100% sarcastic.)

On a serious note, thanks for hanging out with me!


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