I Really Like Cupcakes

You guys. Cupcakes are good. Like, really good. And, it appears that New York is the capital of delicious cupcakes. From Magnolia to Crumbs to food carts dedicated to these desserts, cupcakes are everywhere. However, I think I have officially found my favorite cupcake.

Brand new to the city, Georgetown Cupcakes takes my vote for the best cupcake. I ventured there the past weekend when my mom was in town. Having watched Georgetown Cupcakes on TLC, I knew I had to make a trip to this bakery. They have a location in Washington D.C. and recently expanded their cupcake biz to SoHo. I was pretty thrilled to hear this info.

Walking into this shop, it was decked out in bubblegum pink walls and deliciously colorful cupcakes. I even spotted a completely coveredpink Swarovski crystal Kitchenaid mixer (…I need this for my future home).

I had a dilemma: What cupcake to pick?! From Red Velvet to Salted Caramel to Triple Chocolate, what would be the best choice? While I wanted to pick them all (obviously), I ended up going with the Chocolate Peanut Butter because, really… what is better than chocolate and peanut butter? My mom went with Salted Caramel.

If you love cupcakes, you must make a visit to Georgetown Cupcakes! I feel like I have had a sample of the well-known cupcakes in this city and Georgetown Cupcakes takes the cake (… get it?). 


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