I’ve finally fallen in love…

With an app.

As an iPhone user, you can drown in a flood of apps. First, you buy it. Then, you adore it. After a few weeks, you forget you have it.

However, Yelp! has impacted my life and New York experience unlike any other app I’ve downloaded.

From finding cheap food, to business hours and step by step directions to every place in the city, Yelp! makes me a knowledgeable New Yorker (or at least it makes me seem like one).

For example, when the class visited Business Insider and the Wall Street columnist mentioned a seedy bar that bankers frequent, I couldn’t help but laugh. The name of the bar was Snafu and she mentioned how the dive bar attracted older customers who tend to work in the Financial District.

Yelp! brought me to Snafu one night when a few friends and I were looking for a cheap night in Manhattan. Upon entering Snafu, we commented on the age of the crowd and how we didn’t expect men with shiny shoes and thousand dollar suits to be in a scummy bar, pursuing younger women, free popcorn and 90s pop.

Soooo….thanks Yelp! for putting me in contact with New York’s finest. I owe you one!


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