Kids In The City

I don’t want children until I’m 30. Before I dive into this post, I want to make that clear. In fact it was only two years ago that  I decided I wanted children at all.

But this aversion to offspring hasn’t dampened my utter curiosity of children in the city.

No matter what neighborhood you are in you will run into children. They are everywhere and their modes of transportation fascinate me.

They don’t make strollers like they used to. 

My favorites are the three-wheeled versions by companies like Phil and Ted. (Yes, I’ll admit it. I have gotten close enough to these things to see who makes them.)

They come in all kinds of configurations, and I swear I see new set ups almost everyday. It’s almost as if the strollers are a status symbol, and it’s important to have the newest, safest model. Think battle of the mini vans … except not. These strollers are the Mercedes of the sidewalk.

The set ups are genius. Take this two-seater — a huge improvement over the side-by-side model my mom drug around Disney World when I was 4.

Or how about this one (my all time favorite) with a scooter attached to the back.

New York City’s kids know how to travel, and although I’m fascinated I know I shouldn’t be surprised. Growing up in the city is completely different from my childhood. There’s no running out the screened door and down the street to your friend’s house. Shoes aren’t optional — they are mandatory. And riding in the subway must feel like the norm, not a crazy adventure.

I’d love to talk to a parent, or someone who has grown up in the city and ask about the differences. For instance: How old is old enough to ride the subway by yourself?

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