Rockaway Beach

My attitude towards New York City used to be neutral, which meant I love it, and also hate it. However, I changed my mind after went to Rockaway beach earlier today. This was the first time I truly experienced peace and Mother Nature in New York City during this summer. So I started to break the balance and became a fan of NYC. I was so lucky that the beach was not very crowded, and comparing to Coney Island, Rockaway Beach was much cleaner. It definitely made up for disappointment I got from Coney Island. I was in beach 126, there were couple of families there, and some kids were playing ball nearby. Because of the perfection, I passed out on the beach. It was around 5:20 when I woke up, that was why I missed the New York Post visit. In addition, the Tribute Park was another great spot to see NYC skyline. 

I think the beach is so convenient for people living in New York. You don’t have to spend extra money on transportation, and don’t have to waste time on taking rails or ferries, the subway just drop you off right on the beach. Manhattan is the place where you use up your energy, meanwhile, there are a lot of places out of Manhattan can help you to replenish.


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