Coffee with NAS!

The other day at work, I met one of the greatest rappers of all time. He goes by the name of Nas. That’s what my friends tell me, at least. While I fancy myself pretty hip (and a little hop), I didn’t know too many of Nas’ songs. Maybe he’s a little before my time. (Don’t get me wrong, he’s really current. He just put out a new album, in fact.)

I decided I need to study up on Nas before I got to meet him. Who knows if I will have to jump in and do a quick interview?! So, here I am on the day of his interview at VH1 ready and waiting with questions running through my head and anxiety running through my body. After strolling in an hour after we expected him (he had a long night at his album release party the night before and I totally understand that because I’m, you know, so hip), Nas sat down and got to work answering questions. As the first interviewer began to inquire about the new album, someone in Nas’ entourage asked me to go get coffee.

That’s right, I bought coffee for Nas. He usually gets the chai tea latte, but today he opted for iced coffee because he needed the caffeine. I know this because he told me. So, that’s cool. I set off to Starbucks with Nas’ and three of his entourages’ orders. Upon arrival, I see the line is really long. I treated myself to a free sample of the newest drink creation and tapped my toe like a true New Yorker. Really? Coffee shouldn’t take this long. After I got all four drinks, I asked for a tray and they had to run downstairs to get one from what must have been a maze or a jungle with wild animals because it took about 15 minutes for the employee to return with a tray. I was freaking out and trying my hardest to resist yelling “THIS COFFEE IS FOR NAS!”

When I got back, the first interview was over, but luckily I got to watch the second. I handed Nas his coffee and debit card and called it a day. I’m also telling people that Nas bought me coffee because someone in the entourage decided they didn’t want coffee when I get back. More for me, I decided, and I sipped coffee with celebs.

Ashley Carr


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